Does Water Make the Knives Dull?see why you should wash separately

Does Water Make the Knives Dull?

The knife is the most important piece of kitchen equipment that anyone can ask for. It perhaps makes your cooking experience a very pleasant one, especially when you wish to get things done as quickly as possible.

This is why it’s good to take very good care of your kitchen knife so that you will not be stranded when you’re already engaged in a cooking activity.

But just like any other material, knives will get dull with time, which makes it very hard for you to use them comfortably as you’re used to.

You can imagine trying to peel a yam against time, and your knife is not as sharp as it should be. This can be more frustrating than anything you can ever think of.Soak Knives in Water?

Therefore, whenever you get a good knife, you have to take care of it to ensure its longevity. Therefore, we will take a look at some questions that may directly result in the dulling of a knife.

Does Leaving Knives in Water Dull them?

Knife materials are often made of carbon steel or stainless steel. This means that leaving them exposed to water for a long time can cause them to react with moisture and other elements in the air.

The implication is that the knife will start undergoing progressive rusting that will ultimately dull it. A knife that has begun to be dull can still be useful, but it’s an indication that it won’t be of much use for long.

You should try as much as possible not to form the habit of leaving your knives in water.

If you must leave your knife in water, you should only leave them in warm water because it has lesser chances of getting rust at that temperature.

Moreover, you will have to wash the knife with soap water at the earliest possible convenience.

Why Should you wash Sharp Knives Separately?

Sharp Knives are very useful tools for cooking in the kitchen, but they can be very dangerous in the same manner that they can be useful.

Often, you may want to wash your knives but will decide to leave them in soap water first. Any unsuspecting user can carelessly put their hand and lose a finger or two.

This is another reason why it’s never advisable to leave your knife in water at any time. Aside from exposing them to rust, dish waters are often not clear to sight, and you may not be able to distinguish between a knife and a spoon or fork.

To avoid such scenarios, you should schedule the time you wash your knives to be separate from the time you wash other dishes.

There’s no other reason behind this other than your safety and the safety of other individuals that might be using your kitchen with you.

This means that even if you forget to wash it at any point in time, you will definitely be aware of it and be careful when handling it.

Why You should always Wash Knives Last

It’s always advisable that you clean your knife after washing them to clean off moisture remnants on them. This is why washing knives should probably be the last thing you do when cleaning your kitchen utensils.

Another reason why you should wash your knives last because it guarantees safety when you’re doing cleaning duties in your kitchen.

Whenever you’re done washing the knives, it’s always best to put them away and not expose their edges. Cleaning them last is a mechanism that will help you relax and not hurry to store them.

Get a knife block that you can attach your knives as soon as you’re done washing them.

Last but not least, the knife is probably the most used kitchen utensil that one may need for cooking daily. Washing your knives last can only mean that you’re done with cooking duties for the day and is ready to store them away in the right places safely.

Often, people may remember that there’s a vegetable that needs cutting or a fruit that has to be added as desert. This may cause a rush usage of the utensil that can lead to accidents. To be on the safer side, wash your knives last after you’re done with the day’s usage.

When Do you Wash Your Knife?

Washing your knife does not require any particular time. You can always proceed to wash your knife whenever you’re done with cooking.

To be on the safer side, you’re advised to wash your sharp knives when there’s enough light for you to see them. That means that daytime is the best time for washing knives, although a well-lit kitchen is a safe place for you to wash them.

Always ensure that whichever time you choose to wash your knife, you would have to be aware of yourself and your surroundings to store them carefully after.