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Be Smart, Automate Your Taxes: (7 amazing benefits for Nigerians)


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Developed countries don’t force citizens and business owners to pay taxes. There are systems and measures in place that make that happen at due time. On the contrary, Nigeria and many other developing countries suffered a lot in trying to create and implement a workable taxation system.

Since tax is a reliable source of revenue for the government and this revenue is required for the provision of infrastructural facilities; the Nigerian government and its tax agency successfully developed a functioning taxation system.

Thereby making it mandatory for every business owner to pay tax. New business opens daily and many generate profits as well. Paying tax shouldn’t be a problem. It is considered a civic right.

Do you want your business to be recognised nationwide? Do you desire to maximise your capital and make the highest possible profit?

Then, you should pay your tax as often as necessary; tax default could limit your growth. However, you have to keep a clean sheet and this can only be achieved through tax automation.

Tax automation at a glance

Tax automation involves using payroll systems that handle calculations and deductions based on specified percentages of tax in a country.

The software is accurate and reliable. It can help your organization maintain compliance and stay updated with the latest variations or changes regarding various tax types.

Do you just worry about how to get the best tax automation for your business? Worry no more. Smart founder has made that available for you. They are ranked as one of the best-automated taxation providers in Nigeria.

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you join them today.

  • Superb accuracy

You wouldn’t want an automated taxation system that will overcharge your organization. Similarly, if your tax isn’t automated, human errors and inaccuracy are inevitable. Hence, a reliable automated taxation provider with proven accuracy records is the best for you.

Smart founder automated tax system provides a reliable and accurate taxation system for your organisation. With their automated system, all you need to do is to set the software accordingly. And it will automatically pay your workers and set tax aside accurately.

  • Business Integration

Generally, automation reduces required manpower and increases productivity or output. It lets you spend reasonable time on planning and less effort on its implementation. Automation and software do the jobs for you.

Automation can streamline your business and give you the comfort you have ever desired. Take taxation as a case study; if an automated system handles your tax payment, you won’t need to spend extra hours inserting the same number into the system as it is integrated to supply the data whenever it is required.

  • Proper Resource Allocation

Since time is one of your greatest resources as an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time on non-productive activities.

Understanding the part of the business to concentrate on usually gives many investors and entrepreneurs serious nightmares. However, automation can solve that problem, it makes you allocate your time properly.

Tax automation can also enhance easy decision making.

Again, tax automation saves you from huge accounting fees, one machine can do the job of more than 10 accountants, even more efficiently. This will not only reduce your cost of productivity but also increase your overall productivity.

Best Customer Service

For businesses in the space where they have to collect tax returns from customers, they understand that charging the wrong numbers is a complete disaster. If you’re charging too high or the wrong figures, customers won’t buy from you.

And if your numbers are low, you still have to pay the government the right numbers so it comes from your revenue. The perfect way to avoid this is to integrate a tax automation system with the sales team and their devices to accurately collect tasks and more importantly, collate and remit them.


Audits are a major part of business meant to help you plan better by understanding what’s missing in your business. If your team feels scared to have an audit, then they might be hiding something that automation can reveal.

Machines are great at making data clearer and easier to understand and this means anyone looking at your books gets the picture; maybe at first glance. Go for automation, go for transparency.

The biggest benefit we didn’t mention has to be the joy and peace of knowing you won’t be getting any unexpected visits from the FIRS or have your business premises decorated with tax default injunctions. Be smart, automate!

Wrapping Up:

As revealed, tax is essential to the government of a federation, and all business owners must pay tax completely at due time.

Also, manually paying your organization’s tax will place so much burden on you and directly or indirectly increase the cost of production even with declined output. Therefore, your organisation should implement automation where possible, even taxation.


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