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Busineses will Cut Cost if they Can Employ better Payroll System ( 5 ways explained)


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The payroll system adopted by any company must enhance the effectiveness with which employees data are collected, working time monitored, and salaries remitted in due time.

In this present ICT age, the use of a software-aided payroll system cannot be overstated.

Below is a breakdown of five ways Nigerian companies can Simplify their payroll system and benefits bearing the following important factors in mind.

Automatic Deduction of Taxes

A good and efficient payroll system automatically removes the taxes of employees before salaries are disbursed. Physical management leads to errors and irregularities.

Companies that want to avoid government sanction due to tax defaults must therefore use a payroll system that automatically deducts the taxes of the employees.

Employees’ data is collected and processed through the method of electronic filing. It makes it easier for the company to calculate the tax payable by each employee and it’s then automatically deducted from the employee’s salary.

Direct Deposit

Remitting employees’ remuneration and salaries in due time, without any administrative hiccups, is the overarching aim of any serious organization.

Payroll systems are automated to pay or remit workers’ salaries directly to their bank accounts. Salaries of employees are determined or calculated based on predetermined parameters using an automated system.

It saves workers the stress of visiting banks for payment verification and other challenges associated with the physical payment of employees.

Data Storage And Enquires

Nothing frustrates the employers and the employees like the inability to access authentic and complete information that affects their relationship in the workspace.

This gap is bridged when every member of a company has access to important information anytime it is needed. The solution is cloud storage.

Payroll software stores employees’ data in computer-accessible form. Inquiries are easily made and responses are prompt and timely. Employees seek advice virtually using the online medium provided by the system.

Furthermore, the user experience of the system is enhanced and simplified. Response to queries and access to important information is not limited to physical space and time.

Easy Claims Management

Easy reconciliation of claims is an important feature of an efficient payroll system. Reduced tendering of paper receipts, written notes, and invoices is possible only when the payroll system is automated to keep records of every expenditure of a company.

Strategies like integration of employees cards, card payments, or electronic payment gateways are surer ways to manage the expenditure claims of employees.

Disagreements and mix-ups that are usually associated with paper receipts, written notes, invoices, etc are reduced.

Effective Time Management

Manually monitoring the time of engagements of employees is indeed the shortest way to poor time management in this age.

Using modern software to monitor and measure the time investment of employees saves time that hitherto would have been measured manually.

The saved time can therefore be used by the company to engage in more productive activities.


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