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HR in Nigeria Business environment :How Technology Has Improved Their Roles


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Human Resources Personnel also known as HR personnel are well known for their roles in overseeing the recruitment, interview, and hiring of new staff.They plan and direct the administration of a company.

Technology has provided a better way in carrying out the activities of the human resources department that were manually carried out before. The positive impact of technological advancements has been felt greatly by the Human Resource department of an organisation.

Former territories that were formerly disregarded are now being explored, all thanks to technology. Over time, technology has changed the way people view human resources through the ways that will be outlined in this article as you read further.

How technology has changed Human Resources roles

New Work Tools and Increased Employee Productivity

Technology has helped Human Resource personnel to increase the potential of their teams through the use of several easy-to-use work tools.

It has also helped to increase the productivity of a company’s employees as it helps them to speed up their work. It has made it possible for a company’s workforce to work more within a short time.

Technology has made the work done by human resources personnel easier and simpler as they won’t have to deal with tons of bulky files.

Mobile Technology & Improved Request Response

When employees have questions about the newly formulated policies of a company or payroll system of a company, they direct their questions to the Human Resources department.

Oftentimes, it takes a long time to respond to these requests but with the use of payroll technology, the Human Resources personnel have been able to provide the right answers to payroll questions immediately after they are asked.

Payroll software provides more opportunities to include information as paper conservation isn’t a concern, this is unlike the normal paycheck format.

In addition to this, most businesses now make use of mobile apps which has made it easier for Human Resources managers to respond to questions at the comfort of their desks.

Recruitment and Data

The job of Human Resources personnel is the recruitment of new staff, but over the years, there has been a change to the way this is done. We are now in a modern age where digital tools are used.

Recruitment has been known in the past to be physical interviews, job advertisements in the newspapers, or on boards. We are now in an era where applications like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook are now used in place of television, newspapers, and radio by employers to seek potential employees or employees to seek jobs by themselves.

Job decisions are now data-driven. Resume or curriculum vitae reviews is now carried out with technological tools.

The positive impact of technology in hiring decisions cannot be underestimated, as technological tools like automated screeners which can be used to detect skills on a potential employee’s resume have made recruitment processes easier than before.

More Accurate Reward Systems

Technology has helped to address the issue of how rewards and promotions are brought off. It has made the process of promoting or rewarding a staff crystal clear.

Human Resources software aids the tracking of all needed information about an employee, from sales record and commission, rate of task completion, to punctuality.

With this accurate information provided through technological means, every decision made or action taken by the Human Resources personnel can be proven.

Increased Rate of Employee Engagement

The major function of the Human Resources personnel is employee engagement. The Human Resources Manager works tirelessly to get employees more interested in their assigned duties, and the people they work with.

With technology, HR has been able to develop interesting activities enjoyed by the staff, which are mostly delivered to their mobile gadgets and do not disturb their daily plans.

Another engagement opportunity that companies employ for their revenue and employee growth is Electronic learning, also known as E-learning.

Also, technological tools such as online portals, social networking, and many others have made employee engagement unlimited. Digitalization has made positive impacts on Human Resources.

Increased Efficiency Rate

Technology has helped to increase the efficiency rate of the HR departments in business organisations.

Advancement of the system and application software has helped solve the problems faced in manual operations.

Without a doubt, technology has immensely impacted the Human Resources departments.


Technology has helped the Human Resources personnel within a company to garner, collect, deliver information, and also communicate with employees more efficiently and easily.

Automated business procedures have tremendously minimised the amount of administrative work done by HR and have allowed them to focus more of their energy and time on managing their workforce.

It has also provided HR managers with the necessary decision technological tools to allow them to make HR-related decisions that are effective and accurate.

With the positive contribution of technology to HR, it can be deduced that the future of the Human Resources team is connected with technological advancement.


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