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5 Ways Nigerians Can wisen up concerning Quick Money Making scheme


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Different kinds of investment schemes have become rampant on the Nigerian streets, let’s not talk of the social media handles by almost every handler, what about at your place of work? Religious places, friends and family, and others?

Of course investment is a very good idea but where the issue lay is, how many of them are duely verified and genuine? How many of them are registered under the appropriate authority?

You might have been carried away with their juicy offer and return on investment (ROI) within a short period as advertised that you forget to carry out the necessary investigation.

A lot of people have met their doom through this unverified investments. I had a friend who invested millions of naira and before the blink of an eye, all went down the drain. What was his mistake? He jumped fence and refused to make the necessary verifications.

Even after verification and all, it’s not ideal to deep your two feet in the water at once, what happens to trying it one after the other? Bit by bit? So when anything seems to go wrong, you can easily step back.

How do you recognize genuine investment schemes?

Recognising a true investment isn’t just by the way it’s introduced to you. No, your friend who introduced it to you might not have any interest in going into it and even if he does, it may be simply because of his referral bonus. So you need to shine your eyes and do the needful to avoid “had I known” at the end.

Here are the necessary tips to that investment you want to venture into.

Let’s get started!

Beware of blindfolding offers:

As discussed above, there are many sumptuous investment schemes which you wouldn’t want to miss for anything due to the kind of return on investment in it.

Almost all the corporate bodies have made their mode of investment schemes look way beyond the real intention.

However, gone are the days when Nigerians easily fall victim of that mode. As it is now, the street has waken up to the reality and are ready to go further into the root of any investment before deeping their hands into it.

People no longer invest because their friends introduced it to them, they rather do the needful.

Do thorough inspection and investigation:

Regardless of whoever introduced the investment to you, you need to know the scheme’s mode of operation, how do they make their return on investment? What is their percentage in every succesful deal? You should be able to get a detailed explanation of all these before moving forward.

Avoid investments with a flashy return:

You need urgent and big money, no doubt. But should you also forget to look before you leap? No! In the mood of quick money or financial breakthrough, people tend to ignore red flags in investments but focus only on the bright side.

One hint you need to understand is any investment scheme that promised you about or above 30% ROI over a short period of time will surely have a hidden agenda and such is likely to collapse untimely,

of course with your hard earned money. The sayings that “patience is a virtue” should be duely observed when it comes to investment.

Seeing quick investment as a poverty alleviation scheme:

You want to get out of the poverty level and be rich quicker than expected, that is quite understandable but, would it be good if you still lost your savings in the spirit of hunger liberation? I guess no.

There is a need to understand what investment means. Here is the logic; those investors also do business with your money and it’s the profit of the business they call ROI which both parties share.

Investing with unregistered companies:

Innumerable companies have suddenly sprang up with investment schemes with a promise to double your money within 24 hours or so. Be rest assured that this is likely to be a scam because a registered company either cooperate or not will come with a transparent procedures and not cutting corners.

So you need to do well by making a thorough inspection on them. Are they registered under the Central Bank of Nigeria? Most importantly, Did Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corperation (NDIC) recognize them?

As this is the appropriate agency with the task of ensuring that customer’s deposit is safely insured against loss, such that if their happens to be any flop, the company has to put their assets on sale to settle their customers.

So if your investment platform is duely recognized under both agency then, you’re at peace with yourself and the platform.


You should know more than going beyond your limit. Being conscious about your financial capacity and following up won’t push you to jumping into emergency investment schemes.

Ensure you carry out the necessary surveys that has been mentioned above before investing your money into any investment company to avoid defrauding.


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