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Power of Social media : see how social media is simplifying HR in Nigerian business world


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Companies have devised a new means of recruiting capable hands for a job position. They go all the way out on social media to reach out to people who are fit for the job then fix a date for an interview to evaluate the selected candidate.

Social media is the perfect place to get across to the world, however, some people think otherwise.

They believe it should be done the old-fashioned way, where job seekers head straight to the organization or companies to drops their CVs and expect to be called for an interview if qualified for the position.

Recently, companies have come to realize the importance of social media. That not only is it meant for getting in touch with clients but also to reach out to those who seek jobs.

Thankfully, the recruitment process has taken a new form not only in Nigeria but also extended to other countries. A lot of agencies now use social media platforms to get connected with the best candidates for the positions.

Social HR is very essential and we will give some of the reasons in this article.

Saves More Resources:

Reaching out to millions of people through social media helps you spend less. Money spent on magazines or newspapers, adverts on TV and Radios are much and also take a lot of time.

A lot of online platforms give room for adverts take LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, for example, there are more than thousands of job vacancies posted every single day.

You could connect to millions of people out there in a few minutes without wasting funds, unlike radio jingles and Tv adverts on every station which is going to require a huge sum of money to do that and not all organizations can afford it.

Not only companies have resorted to social media with the aid of social HR, but small businesses are also doing the same. All that is needed is for you to get the best social HR for the job, then sit back and wait for results.

Employers Meet job seekers In Their Relaxed State:

You will get thousands of applications without having to do much. Social HR help in fishing out the best candidates for the employers by a single post online, so easy. Google helps in displaying all jobs posted to the right people and instantly you begin to receive applications.

Employers can also run quick evaluations on the employees to know find out a few things about them and if they are fit for the job, then select the qualified ones. All these will be done online without stress.

Large Talent Pool:

Social media has become a large talent pool, mostly on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. People take to these platforms to showcase their unique talents for employers to see.

Employees have decided to take a bold step by pitching themselves to companies, to the ones they think have positions that fit their job description. And not the other way round where companies do the hunting.

Truthfully, these acts have made the whole employment process easy for employers, hiring managers, and even job seekers because everything is done from their comfort zone.

Increased Social Presence:

Social media is the largest marketplace. You can get the attention you seek in a matter of seconds if go about it the right way.

Just like a position that requires employers to get someone who is vibrant on social media to advertise their products. If the employer can get the right person, the products will be all over the internet in a few minutes, with lots of people showing interest.

Companies should always check how active the social media HR is before hiring because they will be in charge of marketing the company’s brand with their great social media skills. The company’s reputation must be intact to attract qualified persons.


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