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Strides to a smooth and successful investment plan (reduce risk)


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The price a successful investor paid comes in different angles before the success finally makes headway. Becoming a distinguished investor isn’t a day’s job but a consistent efforts to know all that is required about each investment before jumping into it.

The time, dedication, positive vibes, focus, and all other qualities are what makes one attain a greater heights in life without backing out when the going gets tough even at a point of failure.

Haven recognized the problems people face while investing, this article will be giving an explicit explanations on the keys to guide you through a successful investment.

Let’s begin!

• Know that a successful investment takes time:

Authur Ashe quoted ” Success is a journey not a destination, the doing is often more important than the outcome”. Before I came across this quote, success for me has always been an insatiable desire, a journey that never ends until your last breath, because I found it hard to limit success to one achievement.

So as a prospective successful investor, there is every need to follow a laid down rules and regulations of investment. Because the journey of any profitable investment is a long ride and not a quick one as people perceived it to be. As a success oriented person, you need to always be at your best to avoid distraction, yes be focused towards your goal.

Moreover, you need to have a foresight to what the future holds. When will you retire? Will your current job still be available in the next 35-40 year’s time? How much will you have acquired come 60 years? and so many mind-blowing questions as such. This will further give you a convinction to remold your thoughts and dedication towards any investment you want to venture into.

• Are you ready to learn?:

Going forward, predicting what the market looks like is a very dangerous risk because most times, the market will often shock you and your prediction by flopping in different directions which will automatically be a disaster, reason being the volatility nature of the market.

However, you don’t have to back out because of this as; to every succesful investor of the past, they have also passed through this stage.

So your background check should be to firstly dedicate your time to readings, registering for courses online, and have a grounded analysis of finance ideas. If you understand that becoming a successful investor is timely and gradually, the road will be smooth to walk.

• Have in-depth knowledge about the market and how it works:

You see, part of the mistakes people make is jumping into an investment because they’ve seen someone do it successfully. You need to understand that what works for Tit might not work for Tat. So having a large knowledge of the market and it’s fundamentals help reduce your risk of failure.

Interestingly, technological advancement has made things easy as you can effortlessly dive your way into the internet to get the guides and other investment resources, all at your comfort zone. To be a knowledgeable investor, all you need is to read wide books about successful investors which gives a deep analysis of finance ideas.

As if this isn’t enough, there are many paid online courses on investment you can always put in for. This will equip you to be well-informed with everything that concerns modern financial portfolio diversification, market efficiency, and optimization.

• Begin with a low-risk investment plan:

It’s only advisable that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, with every knowledge you’ve garnered, overconfident is likely to surface.

As much as it’s not nice for an investor to focus on a single investment plan but rather spread your wings. You shouldn’t also forget to start with a low-risk one. This will allow you have a steady growth and experience to deal with big-risk investment schemes later on.

• Invest on regular basis:

If you put all the investments in one portfolio, the chances that the market is likely to tumble is around the corner but, by investing a certain amount each month with different schemes helps in balancing the stock even if the market flop. A chief investment officer Doran Kevin of AJ Bell once said ” Investors are less susceptible to capital risk during a short-term market volatility because, losses are limited to the increment invested at a weaker price, as opposed to fully exposing a huge sum investment.


Every succesful investors you see today started from the scratch and build on the knowledge, experience, time, and with dedication they are able to scale through. This shows you can also do it even more than them. Now the question is, are you willing to pay the price? If yes, then the sky is your starting point.


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