These 5 Jobs Robots Gradually Taking Over Them


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The speed at which robots are slowly taking over jobs gives great concern. Employers no longer take pleasure in outsourcing jobs to people anymore, as they have found easier and more effective ways of handling huge projects or task in a few minutes, thanks to robots. The use of machines and robots is considered to be less expensive than when humans are being hired.

This current development has stirred up anger, confusion in the public, people are starting to wonder where this is headed and how badly it will get overtime.

Some jobs were in high demand not until robots were introduced into the system, and everything changed, people are now being replaced with machines, how pathetic. Let us take a look at some of the positions robots are slowly taking over.


The banking sector is one of the places robots have invaded. ATM is gradually stealing the spotlights from cashiers. These machines were meant to assist to make the work faster and easier, but from the look of things, seem to have overtaking the position.

Before, customers could only withdraw cash, but now these machines do more than cash dispensing, it also receives cash deposit.


We are in times where people are no longer in charge of releasing articles for news sites because automated machines have taking the space and seem to be doing it a lot better.

Algorithms are now used on software to transform data collected by robots into excellent news reports after which they are distributed online. Robot releases error-free articles, unlike humans that are likely to make mistakes.

In journalism, drones are also used to gather data, pictures, videos of events in dangerous areas where journalists aren’t allowed to go like shooting sites, or deep in the forest. Journalists will soon be relieved of their job because of these machines.

Data Analysis:

The job of a data analyst is to collect data and conduct extensive research to get the right needs. This job has always been in high demand until technology surfaced and has become a threat.

AI technology is more efficient, reliable and has become everyone’s favorite, every organization or company uses artificial intelligence (AI). This technology allows you to access large data and its prediction is so accurate.


Drivers have been substituted with advanced technology. Have ever heard of the invention of cars that drives themselves with the aid of AI technologies. It has made driving so easy, fast, and enjoyable. For this reason, employers are no longer in need of drivers.

This technology features sensor cameras, navigator software that directs and controls the vehicle. The majority of companies have started exploring this awesome technology, and in a little space of time, their client base has increased massively because customers are captivated by this new invention.


Robots have become useful in hospitals. They help predict drugs for sick patients and also handle medical reports, records and keep them safe.

Not only that, these robots now assist doctors in carrying out diagnoses on patients by checking their reports for symptoms. And this may not end here, we might wake up one day to the fact that robots now carry out surgical operations in hospitals.


Robots are slowly taking over from humans, they have been programmed to act and work like humans even more effectively. One funny thing about all of this is that humans created these machines that have become a nightmare and have put us at the risk of losing our jobs.


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