4 Things That would happen if You Ate An Entire Jar of Nutella at once?

4 Things That would happen if You Ate An Entire Jar of Nutella at once?

Nutella is undoubtedly a delicious hazelnut spread that is loved by both young and old.

This popular dessert spread is one chocolately confection that graces the different restaurant menus across the globe. It is also a kitchen staple for some homes.

With the presence of hazelnuts in Nutella a lot of people view it as a very healthy chocolate. Some people even use it as a good substitute for nut butters.

This piece is here to examine the nutritional content of Nutella, to discover how healthy it is and if you can make it a part of your healthy and the price you need to pay to have Nutella in your menu.

What would happen if I ate an entire jar of Nutella at once?

The truth is that Nutella is one delicious spread but it is very high in sugar, fat and calories.

The ingredients of Nutella which are synthetic vanillin, cocoa, palm oil, hazelnuts, sugar and lecithin make eating a whole jar of Nutella very unhealthy.Nutella

And again sugar which comprised of 58% in Nutella is the main ingredient so it isn’t really nutritious.

So with this, if you take an entire jar of Nutella at once you might experience the following:

1. Makes you sick:

You can become violently sick, the sugar content in Nutella can cause nausea and makes you throw-up for a while.

Nutella contains saturated fat which is infamous for bringing diseases. If you have diabetes or other sugar related health issues you might make it worse for you after finishing a jar of Nutella

2. Makes you gain weight:

Another issue will be you gaining weight because Nutella is high in calories. So just finishing an entire jar and just sitting on your bum means adding a pound to your weight already.

For example a serving of Nutella which is about just 2 tablespoons gives one 200 calories.

So you can imagine the amount of calories and fat you would be accumulating after finishing a jar of it.

3. Chemical reaction:

You could begin to experience a chemical reaction in your system because of stuffing it with too much of the spread. This might instigate a serious stomachache that might need a medical attention.

4. Insulin spike:

You would be spiking your insulin level because of the high sugar content. Your insulin will go up beyond its threshold level and it will crash your blood glucose level hereby converting extra glucose into stored fat.

This fat will be mostly seen around your belly and you would have belly fat that will need you working on it again for reduction.

How many calories are in a whole jar of Nutella?

There are about 200 calories per serving of Nutella. A serving is 2 tablespoons which is 37 grams and this contain some fat of about 12 grams, sugar 21 grams, protein 2 grams, calcium 4% of the RDI and iron 4% of the RDI.

The sustainable ingredients are both cocoa and palm oil. And there are about 10 servings in an entire jar of Nutella. So the calories in a whole jar of Nutella are 2000 calories.

So this is about the recommended calories that should be taken per day. So eating a whole jar of Nutella at once means one has taken in the recommended calories for the day already from Nutella.

And this might not even be satisfying enough which will mean, eating more calories via other foods. At the end of the day, one is overloading the system with excess calories.

Can Nutella kill you?

Nutella can’t be said to be the healthiest chocolate spread out there, but there are presumed to be pseudo-healthy sweet spread.

Which means they are far from causing high damage to the human body when taken in a good amount.. According to the United Nation Organization for Economic cooperation and development Nutella is safe to eat.

It doesn’t affect the brain cells in anyway. Again, it isn’t totally bad because it contains a small quantity of good nutrients like iron and calcium which the body needs.

Nutella can be said to be a little nutritious since it is high mostly on saturated fat, sugar and calories but not killing.

Does Nutella have a hidden spoon or knife?

Yes, Nutella jars come with it own small plastic knife which is found under the cap of the jar.

This plastic knife is there to help you cut open in a clean way the seal of your jar before you dig in it.

Now to access the knife as you open the lid of your jar, you would see two linings and the first lining is white, and then takes it off. You would then be faced with the second lining which is the silver lining.

You have to take that off too. Instantly you would see the hidden small plastic knife. You can go ahead to neatly open your seal with it.

Why is Nutella so expensive?

Nutella tends to be overpriced because of the content or ingredients used. Ingredients like cocoa and hazelnut are very expensive and they contain ample quantities in Nutella.

So since it is about profit-making with selling Nutella. It is then right for the price to be high, so that the company can make profit and be able to sustain its production.


Nutella is a hazelnut and chocolate spread that isn’t deadly when consumed but isn’t as healthy as advertise because of its high content of saturated fat and sugar.

it brings with it a lot health challenges if consume in a large quantity per time. In as much it is very delicious; it is advisable to be taken in bits.

The high calories content can boost high weight gain which obesity is one of such. Being obsessed comes with its health effects.

So taking a serving of it per time might just be the best bet or else you just go for just hazelnuts since it is a more healthy option that aids brain building and support the nervous system.






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