3 Professional knife sharpening equipment you should consider

3 Professional knife sharpening equipment you should consider

Using a dull knife serves you no good. No joke. Keeping your knife sharp and in good shape is very essential, either your are a professional chef or you just love playing in the kitchen.

The slicing needs to be good as well as the cutting. You need a tool that will get the job done – effortlessly.

Nothing will be as bad as when you invest in some expensive knives but won’t cut or slice well over time.

You must get a good knife sharpener in place or you let the professional knife sharpeners handle it.

The proper maintenance of your knives is important. If you don’t maintain them, they will become dull.

When you work with a dull knife, it can be frustrating. Save yourself the stress, you need the service of a cutler.Professional knife sharpening

A cutler is a professional knife sharpener. But if you don’t want to hire a cutler, you can get a professional knife sharpening equipment and do it yourself

This article will guide you on how to bring back your knife to its best status. You will discover some professional knife sharpening equipment that will help you do just that.

What is the Difference Between Sharpening and Honing

Most people like to use sharpening and honing when they talk about shaping a knife. But they are quite different.

When we talk about honing a knife, it means only the edge of the blade needs some straightening.

That’s the only visible difference. While honing should be done often, sharpening a knife is needed only once in a while.

Sharpening a Knife

When professionals sharpen a knife, they polish it aggressively. Here, the edge of the knife is also reformed. However, only a very dull knife needs to be sharpened.


Honing a knife has to do with the act of coaxing a pointed surface back to its original position. Honing is what the professional cook and chefs do often. And if you cook so often, using your knife, then you need to hone it at least two times in a week.

Honing a knife is done gently, and not aggressively like sharpening. It prevents the blade of a knife from damage of any kind. The honing steel is what most professionals use. It is a common tool. If you want to use it personally, you need some practice.

Best Knife Sharpening System to Use

If you currently have a dull knife in your kitchen, or a collection of them, there are some good knife sharpening equipment you can use to bring them to live.

Below are few of them.

1) Work Sharp Field Sharpener by Darex

This Darex product is portable, innovative, and very affordable. It is perfect for hunters and campers. You will love it.

This field sharpner was built with fine and coarse sharpening stones. It has fine and coarse ceramic rods – you are guaranteed to get the edge of your knife back to its original shape.

The Work Sharp Field Sharpner will help you do a great job at restoring a dull knife.

2) Edge Professional Apex 4

This knife sharpener equipment is modular, flexible, and gives professional touch to a dead knife.

Its angle arm is easy to adjust. You can customize the edge profile as it pleases you. The knife sharpener also has high-quality stones that helps you get the kitchen tool in great shape.

Whenever you are considering to get a professional knife sharpening equipment, you can’t go wrong with any one by the Edge Pro brand.

3) Spyderco Ceramic Sharpner

For the minimalists, here is a great knife sharpening equipment for you. It is portable and affordable.

The Spyderco Double Stuff Ceramic Sharpner, in particular, is premium. It is light and works really smart.

It’s perfect for personal and professional use. If you like camping, this tool is also very handy. The high-quality ceramic sharpner would give your knife a good touch up whenever needed.

Sharpening your knife will go a long way to enhancing its performance. But do it occasionally. In most cases, honing your knife is what you will need more often.






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