Are electric knife sharpeners bad for knives?

Sharpening knives with the electric sharpener has come to stay, a lot of people now want to sharpen their knives with powered sharpeners

since they do the job faster and there is the multiple sharpening options that can be used for various blades to give it the best sharpening service.

But the question is how good is the electric sharpeners?. Do they ruin the knives? Are they better than manual knife sharpeners? Etc. This piece will give you the accurate answers to all these questions.

Are electric knife sharpeners bad for knives?

Electric sharpeners are not bad for knives and the problem is always the misuse. This is to say it isn’t about the tool but the wrong use of knife when sharpening it.

The fact is that any method of sharpening can be bad for the edge of a knife if improperly used so the electric sharpeners are no exception.Are electric knife sharpeners bad for knives?

The thing with electric sharpeners is that there’s high potential level of causing damage to a knife when used wrongly because of the speed that get the metal out and again, with the heat using the electric sharpener generate.

Most knife professional and even manufacturers use electric sharpeners to sharpen because they can use the tool perfectly so electric knife sharpeners are not bad for knives rather if you don’t used them carefully or correctly then things might get bad,

because the electric sharpener removes too much metal from the blade and can be very aggressive too.

Do electric sharpeners ruin knives?

The electric sharpeners itself wouldn’t ruin your knife, but if used carelessly then you would be setting your knife up to be ruin by the electric sharpener.

This is most likely to happen if you are not watching the tempering on the blade when you are stroking.

This is because it wears down the blade very fast by removing material from the blade. Again, if you hold your knife in the sharpening machine wrongly, then it will be grinded at a drastic wrong angle.

The wrong grinding might leave the edge of the blade a bit rough or makes it have toothy edge, of course this kind of knife will no longer perform like the polished edge knives.

Another issue is when you have an accident still due to your carelessness, maybe when you are distracted and the knife slips while still sharpening it.

It might dig the edge of the blade into the spinning grindstone in the sharpener which the knife will need a reprofiling to be able to be used again.

So you can accidentally misalign your blade with electric sharpeners which can ruin your knife

Is an electric knife sharpener better

Electric knife sharpener comes with its pros but that doesn’t make them better, because they have the downsides as well.

People go for the electric knife sharpener because of obvious reasons like them being User-friendly:

with electric sharpener you don’t need to expend too much energy or needs much effort since they are easy to operate especially if used correctly.

Operating it is a lot simple and straightforward.

Another advantage is that it is very speedy- this is to say it isn’t time consuming to use electric knife sharpeners since it is powered with electric,

so you would be done with sharpening the knife in no time and lastly, they offers multiple sharpening options for a variety of blades,

this is one outstanding feature about the electric knife sharpener it has various sharpening options that can be used for different blades to make them more effective after sharpening.

Are electric knife sharpeners better than manual

Manual knife sharpeners are a lot better, as already stated. electric knife sharpeners aren’t bad either especially when one want to sharpen the knife very fast

but manual sharpeners are great because you would even need to use electric or power to sharpen your knife,

and manual sharpener like the whetstone would sharpen the knife effectively and keep it durable.

It wouldn’t be as aggressive as the electric sharpener which can ruin the knife if not handled properly.

Manual sharpeners are less expensive too and come in various sizes.

There are not as bulky as the electric sharpeners but most importantly manual sharpeners are more durable than the electric sharpeners.


Sharpening the knife when blunt is very important, if you want it to be effective for cutting. You can use the electric knife sharpener and it wouldn’t be bad for your knife,

but the snag is that you need to use it properly to avoid ruining the blade of your knife.

But are the electric knife sharpeners better than manual ones. No, they are not

manual ones are a lot better because they produce more effective blades after sharpening.

But the electric sharpeners aren’t bad especially if you need a speedy sharpening.






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