How did Nutella become so popular? All explained

How did Nutella become so popular?

Nutella which is a loved nutty chocolate spread has been in existence for about 50 years.

The record shown that just last year about 365 million kilos of Nutella were consumed; it is also consumed in about 160 countries.

People so love Nutella because it can be spread on practically anything, so it becomes a delight for everyone

This piece will examine the popularity of Nutella in the US and what made it very popular. Why it was banned and the substitute for it.You can get all the accurate information below.

How did Nutella become so popular?

The first reason is on how Nutella is advertised by the company. They are advertised as healthy chocolate spread that can be eaten as light breakfast.

So parents become convinced that they have healthy option to feed their kids with. Because of how delicious it is even picky eater kids at least like it for their meals.

Again, because of the nuts in the spread, advertisers really emphasize more on the nuts in it, because a lot of people know nuts are nutritious.

So people believe they are getting some nutrients from Nutella not knowing it just chocolate spread high mostly in sugar.Nutella

Secondly, humans are drawn to delightful visuals and this is what the ads of Nutella offers. People are presented with mouth-watering visuals of Nutella recipes.

So these recipes keep attracting people to want to experiment with the chocolate spread and use in unique ways to get a good level of satisfaction

Nutella know how convenience it can be to carry portable sizes of a product, so they also key into this by producing multiple sizes of it.

The smallest size is about 15g. This can easily be carried around in the pocket and other sizes can be used at home by putting them on the dining table.

So Nutella can easily be used by all and sundry. Because Nutella can be addictive, the more used of it makes it remain constant at home and popular everywhere.

When did Nutella become popular in the US?

Nutella become popular in the US as far back as 1983. This was when the Ferrero family made the importation of Nutella into America.

Even when the level of sugar content in Nutella was really high, it didn’t stopped the Americans from loving it,

since it was touted as a healthy breakfast option because of some ingredients used like the nuts and skim milk.

Why is Nutella banned in Europe?

Since May 2016, the EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) had banned the consumption of Nutella in Europe.

This came to be when the authority stated that there are contaminants that are found in palm oil that are carcignogenic.

This means that continuous consumption of Nutella can cause cancer. So people were warned that even a small portion of the spread might cause a great harm even children were at a higher risk.

Well, since there was no data to show the quantity that was healthy to consume, as such it should be outrightly abandoned because the level of safety can’t be ascertained.

Though palm oil has been used by other brands with almost same product but Nutella has been the most persecuted. A lot of people and stores in the country have boycotted them already.

The founder however, gave his explanation on why palm oil is used, that palm oil helps in enhancing the quality of the product and it isn’t about the cost of the product.

Well, the people are not having any of this as a lot has abandoned it for an alternative.

Is there a substitute for Nutella?

Definitely, there are substitutes or other alternatives for Nutella. Nutella isn’t the only chocolate-hazelnut spread out there.

The spread market have got some delicious chocolate spread that can be used in place of Nutella, they are:

meridian cocoa and hazelnut butter, cadbury’s smooth chocolate spread, maltesers teasers chocolate spread, bounty chocolate spread,waltrose 1 dark chocolate spread,

M&S Smooth Italian Hazelnut chocolate spread, venchi original chocolate spread, tiptree chocolate spread, hotel chocolat pecan and salted caramel chocolate spread


The chocolate and hazelnut spread, Nutella is one popular dessert spread that people love and will continue to love.

It isn’t really nutritious but it is delicious enough to be used by anything possible. This alone makes it so outstanding and subsequently, very popular.

But like any product out there Nutella has its bad side which pertains to the health. As such some locations like Europe have had it banned.

But the bottom-line is that no one should be deceived, Nutella isn’t really healthy it is just loaded with sugar, calories and saturated fat.

So it will be a lot better to go for a healthy option or prepare the spread by oneself to have a healthy chocolate spread.







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