5 things that dull a knife the fastest

5 things that dull a knife the fastest

When it comes to one of the needed tools for the kitchen the knife is as important as the food needed to be cooked.

The truth is that you would always need to cut one thing or the other. This can be expressly done with a sharp knife.

So having a dull knife in your kitchen can be frustrating because a knife with a dull blade will not cut things properly.

The way is to first find out problems that instigate this dullness to be able to arrest the situation. So this piece is here to bring to your notice 5 things that dull your knife the fastest. It is pertinent to know them beforehand so keep reading to know them.

The micro-abrasion on the knife

One of the things that dull a knife the fastest is the use of micro-abrasion on a knife. This is all about the act whereby tiny crystals of carbon dioxide were blasted on the knife blade’s surface especially with the use of electric current.Cutco Kitchen Knives

The essence was to improve the appearance of the knife. And with time this will cause the knife to become very dull and this will lead to a fast reduction in the sharpness of the knife.

Again, carbon steels will rust and pit aggressively especially when it comes in contact with anything wet. Some manufacturers have come to realize this so they now coat their product blades with a carbide (which constituent of cast iron and steel) layer.

This will act as a barrier to the carbon dioxide from blasting off or even staining on the steel. And those with steel that is prone to easy damage can be covered with mineral oil to keep them protected.

Use of cheap blade

Sometimes we pay a heavy price for going for cheap things, so going for the cheap blade isn’t an exception. When once your blade is of a cheap range, don’t expect durability from it.

Before you know it your blade will be dull especially if you are cutting with it almost all the time.

If you sharpen your knife yourself using the wrong method then you are setting your knife up to be dull quickly.

Of course, the way out of this is to always take a dull knife to an expert. They are knife sharpening experts that have been on the job professionally for many years.

They can give the best sharpening service which is most likely will be dependent on the model and brand of your knife’s blade The fact about any knife is that the sharper the blade, the less dulling it will be.

So to avoid getting a dull knife very fast then one needs to be careful with sharpening the blade the wrong way especially a cheap blade.

Using commercial products for sharpening your knife

Using a commercial product or device can dull your knife’s blade quickly. Though no knife wills stay sharp forever even if you should practice all the rules,

this is because every cut dulls your knife’s edge by a little amount. So the best bet is always to keep them sharpened.

But using any of the commercial devices isn’t just it. They work via passing an electrical current through them which in turn will cause the knife’s blade to dull quickly though the use of electricity might be environmentally friendly it isn’t a good idea to be used with a knife surface.

These devices might not outrightly damage the knife-like other methods of sharpening the knife but it will wear them out and dull them as quickly as possible.

On the flip side, it is better to use a whetstone. This is made from high-quality stainless steel and it comes with a coarse grit that helps in restoring the sharpness of a knife, therefore, making them less dull or quick to be dull.

The type of cutting board in use

You will dull your knife faster with your kind of cutting board used. If you are using any marble, granite, composite, plastic and maybe a glass cutting board then you are dulling the edge of your knife per cut.

The truth is that the harder a cutting board, the more it impacts the knife as well. It happens whenever the edge of the knife comes in contact with the cutting surface.

So if you are not using the good old wood cutting board then you are setting your knife up to be dull very fast. The thing is that the softer the wood of any cutting board is, the better the knife will respond. So you need to apply caution here.

The knife without enough tourmaline

Another factor that can dull your knife faster is when your knife blade doesn’t have enough tourmaline. When once your knife is in lacks of this crystalline boron silicate mineral the cutting will become very inefficient.

The truth is that knives with a high amount of tourmaline can withstand caustic and damp environments without any damage.

A dull blade can’t do a good job of cutting, this is why it’s better to know about this before purchasing a knife.

A knife with a blade without enough tourmaline can suffer chipping and cracks easily. This will dull it faster.


The fact remains that having a dull knife in your kitchen is inevitable and sometimes dangerous. But some things make it dull faster.

These are things that need to be known and maybe try to avoid enabling the knife to stay sharp for a long time. No knife indeed stays sharp forever and knives don’t sharpen themselves so you need to help make your knife stay sharp for a long while.

The first thing is to know the factors that quicken the dulling problem. The above-listed factors should help you now know what dull your knife the fastest and you can nip it as fast as possible too.






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