Are Cutco Kitchen Knives Of Good Quality ?

Cutco, which is short for Cooking Utensil Company has been in existence since the year 1949. Today it is the largest kitchen curly manufacturer in the whole of North America.

Though primarily popular for kitchen sets, Cutco also makes various products like table wares and gardening tools.

The unique thing about Cutco is that instead of relying on the conventional advertisement and great online presence, Cutco makes use of sales representatives mainly consisting of college students.

The work of these sales representatives is to go and show the performance of the knives firsthand to their friends and relatives.Cutco Kitchen Knives

But the presentation by the sales representatives can as well be misleading because their main aim is to make sure goods are sold to the customers.

Even though the approach seems unorthodox, the results speak for themselves as this method has succeeded in generating massive sales for the company despite the high price of the commodity.

So, therefore, if you have in mind to buy a Cutco knife or you obviously saw one of their demonstrations,

and you are left wondering if this knife is worth the price, then you are in the right place because in this article we will be reviewing if or not the Cutco is worth its hefty price.

Do Professional Chefs Make Use Of Cutco

The most notable thing about Cutco knives is that chefs often use them; Cutco knives are considered as stamped knives because their blades are laser cut out of a sheet of steel, therefore, making it lighter and easier to use with a comfortable handle.

Also, the Cutco is quite versatile when it comes to usage, as it can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables, chopping, slicing, and is the perfect blade for moving ingredients from cutting boards to the pot or pan making it an ideal blade for professional chefs and cooks.

Can You Make Purchase of Used Cutco Knives

Purchasing used Cutco knives doesn’t make much of a difference. Unlike most brands that only offer a 20-day return policy and a limited lifetime warranty on defects, the Cutco knives offer a forever guarantee.

The Forever guarantee focuses on performance, sharpness, and customers satisfaction.

The lifetime guarantee is given to the original buyer and extends to anyone who receives or purchases it from the owner.

Below are all the guarantees that every user has rights to;

  • The Forever Performance: this states that Cutco will replace or repair any knife which does not meet up to the user’s standard; in other words, if you are not satisfied with how the knife cuts or if it breaks during normal usage, then you are covered.
  • The Forever Replacement means that if the knife happens to break even when misused, you can get a new set for half the price.

Sharpening Of Cutco knives

The Forever Sharpness: this guarantees that the company will sharpen your blades for free throughout the whole lifetime of the knives; this is partly because the user himself can’t sharpen the blade due to the building of the Cutco blades.

Whenever a blade is seemingly blunt, all the user is required to do is to package the damaged knives and ship them to the company, and expect a fully sharpened blade in not more than two weeks with zero charges.

During the purchase of new sets, the company will typically send sales representatives to your house to sharpen your knives for you.

Knives Similar to the Cutco


this is one of the mainstay brands in the competitive market that had been making high-quality premium knives and has been in operation since 1731.

Key Differences Between the Henckel and Cutco Blade

  • The Henckels are more designed for professional users looking for curly to purchase, unlike the Cutco, which is best recommended for amateurs and professionals.
  • The Cutco blade makes use of 440A steel which is durable and resistant to corrosion. Still, it won’t hold on as long as the higher quality is concerned, whereas the Henckels uses an x50crmov15, an ideal steal for kitchen knives because it is more durable and has high resistance to stain and corrosion, and has a sharp edge as well.
  • The Cutco comes with only stamped blades(blades cut using a laser), while the Henckels comes with stamped and forged(blades that underwent the 40 step manufacturing process). Forged blades are more healthy and balanced, while stamped blades are light, less durable, and much cheaper.
  • In terms of design, the Cutco comes with a thick carved handle, three exposed rivers but no bolster; alternatively, the Henckels blade comes with a traditional western blade design, 2 or 3 rivers, and a full bolster giving it more weight and balance. Also, it provides a finger guard to protect your hand.
  • The Cutco offers various blade shapes, offering up to 3 blade designs but ultimately offers a one-hand design, while the Henckels provides more options for handle design as it can come in plastic or steel handles.

The Wusthof Blade:

the Wusthof blade costs about the same price as a Cutco blade; Wusthof has been in business for 200 years and makes all their knives in Germany, but unlike Cutco can be found in retail stores and on Amazon.

Key Differences Between the Wusthof and Cutco

  • The Wusthof has only one stamped collection, but most knives are forced, making it more durable than the Cutco.
  • Wusthof offers up to seven different handle designs and up to seven different blade designs.
  • The Wusthof warranty covers the original owner of the blade from defects in material or craftsmanship; in other words, the company only covers factory faults but doesn’t cover any damage or effect during usage.
  • Wusthof, like Cutco, will sharpen your knives using their mail-in process but will, in turn, charge you $4 per knife for the service and have them back to you in two weeks.


All in all, it depends on what you need in your kitchen. Still, in my own opinion, in terms of blade strength and durability,

the Cutco blade may not be as durable as its counterparts but makes up for it in terms of its massive lifetime warranty, which you can easily use to damaged blades at zero cost.






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