3 problem Nigerian Government has to deal with to Guarantee food supply


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Agriculture is very important in Nigeria. Lots of work should be put towards the development of the agricultural sector, it contributes greatly to the country’s economy. So issues concerning agriculture should not be neglected, as 80% of the country’s worth comes from farming.

Not only does agriculture eliminate hunger in the country, but it also serves as a full-time job for most farmers. Sadly, the leaders do aren’t paying much attention as they should to agriculture. Problems and challenges continue to increase daily without a word from the government.

The agricultural sector has lots of setbacks in which the farmers are trying everything within their power to handle. However, they will be needing empowerment and resources from the government to make it work. In this article, we will be unveiling the hiccups in agricultural development and how best the government can tackle them.

Three Challenges Nigeria is Facing on Agriculture

1 Unavailability Of Land For Farming Purpose.

Nigeria is a great country with large fertile land enough to cultivate as many crops as desired. Unfortunately, these lands are not used for the right purpose, which is agriculture due to the continuous rise in population.

As the country’s population tops up, more houses are built to accommodate all, making cultivation almost impossible. And with the rate of increase, most rural are starting to develop, buildings are erected in every corner. Also, natural disasters have destroyed the available land which is meant for farming and reducing soil fertility.

Perfect Solution To Shortage Of Land: Purposes
A perfect solution to this problem is for the government to reduce the rate at which citizens use lands. Anyone who wishes to buy land should be using it to set up an agricultural system to promote agriculture.

Most importantly, farm inputs should be made available to farmers for their crops at affordable rates. This will enable them to buy enough to speed up the cultivation of crops on their farmlands.

2. Lack Of Financial Help

This is a major challenge in the agricultural sector. Yes, we have a large landmass and expert farmers who are ever ready for large-scale farming, but they do not have the financial capacity.

Most farmers do not have much to feed on, let alone invest in agriculture. The government on the other hand is assisting them in any way, rather than making things more difficult by collecting huge taxes from farmers. As if that is not enough, this farmer can’t afford agricultural tools because of their outrageous prices. As a result of this, many farmers have lost the zeal to farm.

Perfect Solution To the Financial Problem :
What better way to solve the financial problems in agriculture than for the government to provide loans to farmers to fund their farm business. The loans should be given at low-interest rates to enable them to pay up, and also should be made available to farmers in rural and urban areas.

Loan programs should be held for people with the desire to engage in large-scale farming to encourage and help them actualize their dreams.

The government should set up a cooperative society for farmers to enable them to request loans from financial institutions or the state government.

3. Lack of Mechanized Farm Tools

Farming will be a lot better if farmers were provided with mechanized tools to ease their job. The majority of farmers engage in small-scale farming because they do not have sophisticated farm tools.

Mechanized farm tools have high price tags on them and many farmers can’t afford to get them, so they manage the ones they have. They make use of simple farm tools like cutlass, hoes, rakes, instead of tractors, plows, and this slows down productivity.

Also, lots of Nigerian farmers lack the skills to use mechanized equipment if they are given, so stick to the local tools. This is one of the major set back in the world of agriculture.

Solution To Lack of Mechanized Farm Tools
To tackle this problem, the government should organize a seminar for farmers to educate them on mechanized farming and how to operate the equipment. This should also be extended to the local farmers in rural areas to expose them to the use of modern facilities.

The Federal government should provide funds to engineers for the manufacturing of modern-day farm tools. It will increase production rates and reduce the cost of these tools in the market.

Farm inputs like pesticides, insecticides, manure, fertilizer should be made available to planters at a cheaper price.

Final Thoughts

If the government can make amends as regards all these mentioned above, there will be significant change and development in agricultural sectors, and a boom in the country’s economy.


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