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Nigerian Dwarf goats are American bred, small sized goats that derives their origin from West Africa, Nigeria to be precise. They are domesticated dairy goats that are found all over the world.

Although, they originate from tropical climate, they can survive and adapt to all climates . They have the same origin as the Pygmy goats and are usually mistaken for them.Nigerian dwarf goat

They are herbivores and browsers that eat tips of woody shrubs and trees. They are great farm animals that help improve pasture by removing weedy under growths, ivy including poison ivy and poison oak as well as other unwanted plans that other livestock avoid consuming.

Although similar in appearance to other breeds of goats, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat has a small stature. It’s features include ; a straight nose, ears that stand upright, short curly coat, and varying color and pattern of coat.

The origin of this breed of goats can be traced as far back to the West African Dwarf goats which are very common all over tropical between Western Africa.

In West Africa, these goats are kept by families in rural areas to search as pets, source of milk and meat. They even act as show/ circus animals. They are also raised as companion animals due to their amiable and gentle nature.

These goats are usually energetic animals and they spring rapidly. Although their speed is unknown. Their babies are referred to as kid(s). The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a very healthy animal and has no major health issues to serve as a cause of worry.

The best way to care for the Nigerian Dwarf goat is providing it with food that contains the essential nutrients and give us space to exercise regularly. Doing this will ensure that it lives for a long time.

How Big Does A Nigerian Dwarf Goat Get ?

How big a Nigerian Dwarf goat gets varies . In terms of weight, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat weighs 29-39kg on average and in terms of height, and length, it is between 17” and 23.5”. These measurements vary between buck and sow.

How much do Nigerian dwarf goats weigh?

Ideally, the Nigerian Dwarf goat weighs between 65 and 85 pounds which is approximately 29- 39 kg . There is however a slight weight difference between the buck and the doe .

How big is a full grown Nigerian Dwarf goat?

A full grown Nigerian Dwarf goat is about 19-23.5 inches for the buck and 17-22.5 inches for the doe.

At what Age Are Nigerian Dwarf Goats full Grown?

Nigerian Dwarf goats usually have long life span between 12 and 14 years if properly cared for. They however reach full maturity in 7-8 months.

The buck matures faster than the Doe thus they mature fully within the first 7 months of their life. The Doe on the other hand matures fully in the 8th month of its life.

How much should a Nigerian Dwarf weigh?

There is a weight range that the Nigerian Dwarf goat should not exceed due to its delicate build. A Nigerian dwarf goat should weigh between 29 and 39kg. Anything below 29kg means it is under weight and above 39kg means it’s over weight.

What is the weight of a Nigerian Dwarf goat?

As previously stated, the weight of a Nigerian dwarf gost varies from buck to Doe. However, the ideal range is between 29kg and 39kg.

Are Nigerian Dwarf goats bigger than pygmy goats?

Nigerian Dwarf goats are often confused for Pygmy goats. Although they have similar origin; West Africa, these two breeds have very diverse purpose and structure.

It is almost impossible to determine whether Nigerian dwarf goats are bigger than Pygmy goats. However, their body structures are very diverse.

The Pygmy goats have wide and heavy bones along side wide body circumference with its overall body length being short.

On the other hand, Nigerian dwarf goats have flat bones with delicate body build. It’s overall body length (ie from head to tail) is longer when compared to Pygmy goats.

Nigerian Dwarf goat Characteristics

The characteristics of the Nigerian Dwarf goat can be classified into; physical characteristics, behavioral characteristics, breeding and functional characteristics.

Physical characteristics

Nigerian dwarf goats vary in sizes and colors. The colors include and are not limited to; black, red, white, mix of colors and even white ear frosting.

Naturally, most of these goats have horns. However, these horns can be disbudded within two weeks of their birth. This is to keep the goat and fellow herd mates safe. Nigerian Dwarf goats have black eyes but in some cases, they have blue eyes.

Behavioral characteristics

Nigerian Dwarf goats are usually amiable and are easy to train. Due to their amiable nature, size and colorful appearance, they are quite popular as pets. They can be managed easily and their offspring can be bottle fed thus making them firm tighter bonds with their owners.

Breeding Characteristics

Nigerian Dwarf goats do not have a specific breeding season, this they can breed all year round. This is an advantage because it prevents them from going extinct. Their gestation period varies between 145 and 153 days. A doe gives birth to 2 – 4 at a time .

Functional Characteristics

The primary purpose of Nigerian Dwarf goats is to serve as milkers. They are often referred to as the best miniature diary goats.

This function is due to their ability to breed all year round. The milk from these goats contain higher butter fat compared to other full sized dairy goats. It also has a sweet flavor that is enjoyed by most people. Other than serving as milkers, they also serve as meat and pets.

Nigerian Dwarf goat weight chart by age

At birth, the Nigerian Dwarf goat weighs between 2-4 pounds. The females measure 22.5 inches at the withers. The males measure 23.5 inches at the withers. And their normal weight is 75 pounds

When do Nigerian Dwarf goats stop growing?

The Nigerian Dwarf goat reaches sexual maturity at 3 months for the bucks and 7-8 months for the doe. It however stops growing within the first year of its life.

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