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7 Ways HR Technology can improve employees retention rate in Nigeria Business world


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It is a heartbreaking experience for companies to spend a fortune on staff recruitment, only to have them quit the job after a few months. However, there are some ways Human Resources technology can help reduce the turnover rates. Below are proven ways that help reduce turnover rates:

Timely and attractive Remuneration

One of the major reasons employees quit their jobs within a few months is poor salary. When workers are paid competitive wages, they are encouraged to work harder and would want to stay long with the company.

Would there be a reason they would want to leave when they know they are being paid timely and appropriately? Poor or delayed salary payment discourages workers from working, after all the reason people work is to get paid.

However, with payroll software, due remunerations are sent to workers at the appropriate time. No mistakes, no argument. Making use of this great technological advancement will greatly reduce turnover rates.

Employees have no reason to quit their jobs when their wages are paid timely.

Organise Training and growth Opportunities

Organising training for employees is one of the great ways to make them stay. However, training sessions should be organised consistently. This would help employees to gain more in terms of relevance to their assigned duties in the organisation.

Also, such training sessions would make employees know and believe that the management cares about their careers.

This would further encourage workers to stay loyal to the organisation. This is one of the best initiatives you could employ, why not try it out?

Good Employer-employee relationship and communication

Poor relationships have been proven to be one of the reasons employees quit their jobs. A healthy relationship between employees and the management of the organisation they work with would discourage them from leaving.

A good relationship would enhance an employee’s commitment which would in turn decrease the rate of turnovers. The HR information system can be used to enhance constant communication between employees and the management of the organisation.

The HR information system is an end-to-end platform in which information about employees is delivered into the organisation and also back out to employees.

Employ the right people

Employing the right people for the job is an important strategy in reducing turnovers. However, doing this manually may seem stressful.

There are various human resources software that has a set of steps to follow to give detailed analysis on the requirements of employees and the best ones needed to be employed in the company.

You do not need to go through the stress of interviewing the employee or examining the employee’s resume. The tool will handle the recruitment processes efficiently.


As a company owner, you can only try your best to decrease turnover rates. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a certain strategy, try out other things and build a culture that would make them stay longer with your organisation.

Incentives encourage employees and make them feel valued. Incentives could be in the form of a discounted insurance program, loan benefits, bonuses aside from their normal wages, and a lot more packages that would encourage them.

Incentives will help boost the level of loyalty your employees have to your company which will, in turn, keep them to work for you for a longer period. Doing this consistently would help reduce the rate of turnovers.

Having an all-round engagement platform

One of the causes of high turnovers in a company is a low engagement rate. Immediately recruits are hired, get them engaged. There are a lot of ways to go about this. You can welcome them into the company by providing them with a welcome video from the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

You can get them to know more about the company and how things are done. You can also get them engaged by knowing basic information about them. Doing this would give them a sense of belonging, which would in turn reduce the rate of turnovers.

Reward performances

Rewarding your employees’ performances plays a significant role in making them stay. Appreciating your employees gives them more reason to cling to the company.

HR technology has made this process a transparent and easy one. It provides a way that makes it easy to include bonus points that show in wages at the end of the month.

This way, there would be no cheating and those who deserve such rewards get it, and every reward is backed by data.


To be successful, you need to have employees that you can count on in any circumstances. Not having them in your organisation poses a big risk to your company’s growth.

Putting the above-listed tips into action would help you a great deal to reduce turnover rates in your company.

Employees are not to be blamed for the increase in turnover rates, the organisation should endeavour to put the right techniques to practice.


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